7 Architecturally Stunning Properties From The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals, Season 2

From a livable UFO to a stunning Frank Lloyd Wright home, Netflix’s The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals is chock-full of drool-worthy locales that are worth a visit. While the first season chronicled plenty of trips, including living spaces in Bali, Hawaii, and Montana, this second season sees hosts Megan Batoon, Luis D. Ortiz, and Jo Franco traveling to even more places. On Netflix now, the show will take you to the Bahamas, Finland, and other international hot spots, along with plenty of domestic destinations. Whether you’re about to plan a trip or are just window-shopping, the series provides plenty to look at and learn about distinct homes and the cultures they’re situated within.

Kingsley Grist Mill

Inside the Kingsley Grist Mill in Clarendon, Vermont.

Courtesy of Airbnb

From 1882 to 1935, this vacation spot served as a functioning gristmill. Now, nearly 100 years after it stopped serving its original purpose, the Kingsley Grist Mill is a cozy three-bedroom rental. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the idiosyncratic building maintains many of its original features—like a large millstone, grain shoots, and gears—which serve as decorations throughout the space.

Area 55 Futuro House

A stay at this unique tiny house will set you back about $272 per night.

Courtesy of Netflix

Conceived in 1968 by architect Matti Suuronen as an easily transportable prefab ski lodge, the extremely distinct-looking Area 55 Futuro House remains just as enticing as it was back in the mid–20th century. There are only 85 true Futuro Houses left across the globe, and this Joshua Tree gem is the only one in North America you can spend the night in. With furnishings inspired by the building’s UFO-like appearance, the spot is the perfect getaway for anyone excited by extraterrestrial life-forms.

Ollero Eco Lodge

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