7 Luxurious Private Jet Trips to Take You All Around the World 

Spend a night at the luxurious tents  as part of ROAR Africa’s six-night journey. 

Safari and Gorilla Trek in Rwanda

Roar Africa, one of the most high-end companies that sells trips to the continent, offers private end-to-end travel from any city in the world to select countries in partnership with the aviation company VistaJet. One example is a six-night journey to Rwanda where guests start off with a traditional safari experience at Akagera National Park and then get active with a trek to see gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. Stays at the best camps, meals, and transfers in the country are all included. Flexible dates. From $65,000 a person based on eight travelers.

Inside a private dinner at Luxaviation’s Arctic getaway.

Cruise to Find Polar Bears in the Arctic

The private aircraft operator Luxaviation offers Luxaviation Amazing Trips, a series of high-end getaways around the world via private jet. A five-day cruise to Spitsbergen, an island in the Arctic Ocean, is one example. The sailing is a chance to take in incredible scenery that includes ice fields and glaciers and spot wildlife such as polar bears, walruses, and seals. You can also partake in active excursions such as hiking, fishing and kayaking. Flexible dates. From $22,400 a person based on eight people traveling together.

TCS’s Wine and Wellness in Kawaii balances the vineyards with wellness offerings. 

Wine and Wellness in Hawaii, Oregon, and California

TCS World Travel, known for its top-quality all-inclusive trips by private jet, is offering a 10-day wine and wellness small group journey in the United States. Start off in Oregon’s Willamette Valley where you’ll meet renowned winemakers and visit the wineries that have serious oenophiles talking. Move on to Hawaii, and stay at the Four Seasons Resort in Lanai to enjoy spa treatments, fitness classes, a wellness consultation, and a sunset cruise. End in Sonoma with a stay at Montage Healdsburg. You’ll get to sample some of the region’s best wines and enjoy multicourse delicious meals including at SingleThread, a farm-driven restaurant that’s regarded as one of the best in the country. August 25–September 3, 2021. From $49,500 a person.

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