7 Must-See Mexico City Airbnbs That Will Have You Heading South of the Border

Mexico City may be most well-known for its handcrafted smokey mezcal, ancient ruins, and unrivaled cuisine, but the Central American city is also home to the design industry’s most impressive rising stars. Some of the young designers are even returning to the country’s most beloved style: organic modernism, whose combination of sophisticated interiors and natural elements paved the way for indoor-outdoor living. After all, few countries do transitional design that bridges interiors and the exterior quite like Mexico does, which is why design enthusiasts and jet-setters are making their way below the border in droves.

If you’re considering heading down to Ciudad de Mexico to see for yourself, skip the sprawling resorts and big-name hotels. Instead, opt for a charming property on Airbnb. From a two-bedroom apartment inspired by traditional artists’ residences to a 1950s bungalow with a 40-foot-long pool, the digs on Airbnb are like cultural havens that are authentically Mexican as it gets. Plus, carne asada tacos and spicy margaritas taste that much better on a terrace overlooking Bosque de Chapultepec than they do from an enclosed resort.

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