A British Couple Is Selling Their Luxe Tuscan Home for the Price of a $35 Raffle Ticket

Though plenty of couples place a heavy priority on philanthropy, few take it to English husband-and-wife Jon and AnnMarie Nurse’s level. Within the last two years, the pair parted ways with not one but two of their Italian villas (a $517,000 vacation home in Tuscany and a $250,000 town house in Calabria) by way of a raffle. The people with the winning tickets received the deeds to the houses, the cost of the transfer taxes and legal fees, transportation, and even short-term accommodations, while both parties signed all of the paperwork. What’s more: The couple donated 100% of the profits from raffle sales to the Children’s Society, a youth-benefiting charity based in the United Kingdom. And to the surprise of many, the couple isn’t stopping at raffling off two multi-bedroom homes: They’re in the process of giving away their third home—for a raffle ticket that costs just $35.

The Ponte della Maddalena in Tuscany, which was built between 1080–1100.

Photo: DeAgostini/Getty Images

Anyone can peruse the Nurses’ website and buy a ticket in the hope of becoming the recently refurbished four-bedroom, four-bath home’s newest owner. And considering that the villa, located in the northern part of the hilly region, boasts a massive garden, swimming pool, and Instagram-worthy views, ticket sales may even soar past those of the owners’ previous two raffles. Luckily, unlike some other contests in which real estate is the coveted prize, there are no strings attached to this one. Jon Nurse even emphasized that the winner can do as they please with their new property: It can be for personal use, resold, or posted as a rental property on Airbnb. 

After all, the couple isn’t as concerned with the fate of their homes as they are with the cause that the raffles benefit. In fact, they’ve raised more than $100,000 for the Children’s Society, bringing both awareness and much-needed funds to the well-deserved effort. Jon admits, “We were shocked and saddened that in the 21st century, children are struggling for daily essentials such as food and having to live in unsafe conditions. We just wanted to try and help and see if we could make a difference.” Clearly, there’s a worthwhile reason to buy a raffle ticket: At the very least, you’ve contributed to a highly valued charity that benefits the U.K.’s children, and, at most, you’ve purchased a historic Italian home for just $35.

One of the home’s bedrooms.

Photo: Jon Nurse

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