Frank Ocean Opens a Jewelry Store That Embodies His Love of Design

Frank Ocean may be known for being mysterious, but what he’s focused on now is making things that last—jewelry, to be specific. Last week, Ocean unveiled Homer, a luxurious jewelry brand, and this week, he opened its storefront on 70–74 Bowery at the New York Jewelers Exchange.

Grammy Award–winning musician Frank Ocean.

Photo: András Ladocsi

Designed by ANY, the modernist architecture duo composed of Nile Greenberg and Michael Abel, the space incorporates aluminum and urethane and is perfectly in line with the playful decadence of the jewelry it sells. Pieces range from $395 for a silver ring to $1.898 million for a white gold necklace covered in diamonds, or $995 for a colorful tongue ring. The brand also sells silk scarves, which range in price from $230 to $460, and a collaboration with Prada is coming soon, but few details have been shared beyond a handful of photos in the catalog.

Homer is no regular celebrity brand, however. For example, nothing is for sale online, and prospective customers must call in or visit the location itself. Because of this, it was essential that the space be just as evocative as the wares it sells.

A side view shows the alien-like figures that are imposed on the back wall.

Photo: Luke Liberia Moore

The space is sleek and minimal, but far from plain—much like Ocean’s music career, it is equal parts elusive and enticing. Textured white display cases feature the jewelry on bright chartreuse backings. On the back wall, there is an image of a silk scarf, and green jewelry boxes are foregrounded by impressions of alien-like figures similar to those featured on pendants throughout the collection. Much like the pieces showcased, the brick-and-mortar store’s bright, distinct colors bring the futurism of the ’90s and early 2000s to mind.

Jewelry on display at the Homer store.

Photo: Luke Liberia Moore

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Though the musician and artist keeps a lot to himself, his appreciation for good design has never been a secret. Back in 2019 he showed off his impressive Pierre Paulin couch in a since deleted Instagram post, and in a rare new interview with the Financial Times about the launch of Homer, Ocean spoke about Paulin and other designers who helped inspire the look of the new store. “I have a Pierre Paulin sofa at home, and it’s futuristic, but also natural. Paulin started out as a sculptor who was interested in flowers. I think there’s something peaceful and high tech about the natural world. There’s an interplay there that is interesting to me,” Ocean said. “I use green a lot because it is the stem of a flower and all color works with it. I like Brazilian modernism. Sergio Rodrigues’s furniture is beautiful, warm, and inviting. It’s just… horny.”

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