Inside Milo Ventimiglia’s Airstream Trailer

Many people found new interests and hobbies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Milo Ventimiglia’s case, he finally purchased an Airstream trailer, something he’d wanted to do for years. After taking the 22-foot-long Bambi on a trip across the United States, the actor knew he’d made the right decision. He was an Airstream guy now, and with more trips on the horizon, Ventimiglia sold his original trailer and upgraded to a 27-foot Flying Cloud model.

The star of This Is Us (he is filming season six now), who will also appear on the upcoming season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, says escaping for a road trip is the perfect anecdote to the emotional toll of filming such a dramatic show. Recently, to make his space into even more of a cozy retreat, he turned to Lowe’s for some much-needed decor items.

As part of the store’s House of Curators series, Ventimiglia handpicked a variety of items that align with his “California Modern” aesthetic, and used many of those things to jazz up his Airstream. He also used the opportunity to refresh the home where he’s lived for 20 years. Below, Ventimiglia tells us more about his Airstream adventures and design style.

Architectural Digest: What kind of pieces were you looking to add to your Airstream versus to your home that is not on wheels?

Milo Ventimiglia: In my home, I think it was maybe a little bit of re-imagining. I’ve been in my home for about 20 years and hadn’t made a whole lot of changes to it. So I was hoping the pieces I was picking would reflect where I am now more than where I was when I was 24 years old and buying a house for the first time and figuring out what to put in it. 

In my Airstream, I have to consider weight. I have to consider function. I was hoping to add a little more comfort, adding some pillows, adding some blankets, adding some artwork on the walls, adding mats and rugs, also dish towels. Those are all very, very functional pieces, very simple pieces that you kind of need to make it feel warm. 

Additions to the bedroom area of the Airstream include an Allen + Roth Natural Wicker Basket, Allen + Roth Black and Gold Desk Lamp, an Origin 21 2 x 3 Blue Indoor Geometric Throw Rug, and an Origin 21 Light Grey Blend Throw

Courtesy of Lowe’s

Since getting your Airstream, have you learned any packing or organizational hacks?

There is plenty of storage space, but it’s the idea of laying everything out on my garage floor before I get going and understanding what I need and what I can clean along the way. In a camper, you’re going to be able to stop at a store [for food]. If you’re out, you know you’re going to be able to hopefully stop at a laundromat and wash some things. You do want to carry your tools. I’ve got a bunch of bins and whatnot under the bed. It’s absolutely Tetris.

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