Inside the Home Where Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Secretly Tied the Knot

The date was kept under wraps, the location even more hush-hush. But fans and family alike were eager to see Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani—who met on the set of The Voice in 2014—finally make it official over Independence Day weekend.

Images are still trickling out, but all signs of the wedding point to a sprawling 1,300-plus-acre ranch near Tishomingo (population 3,071), in Oklahoma, Shelton’s home state, which he purchased more than a decade ago. According to reports, the couple designed and built the estate with the intention of marrying there, and only just moved in.

The Oklahoma estate where Shelton and Stefani were reportedly married.


Aerial shots show a four-chimney, metal-roofed home with an ample front porch, two-story stone garage, a pergola on the second floor, third-story dormers, and manicured gardens out back that step up to a pool. The home—estimated to be around 15,000 square feet—is decidedly Southern with some Victorian flair. The entire property fronts a paparazzi-free lake.

Photos posted to AD100 interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s Instagram feed on May 26 captioned “Oklahoma” and “Special delivery Oklahoma style!” match the front porch balustrade and ornamental eaves of images that have leaked to the press by celebrity photo agency BackGrid. The first comment is by Blume Architecture, which states, “Loved working together !”

Blume Architecture is a Dallas-based design-build firm headed by Christy Blumenfeld, who graduated from Tulane and started her own company in 2003. Her site states that she’s recently completed a home in Oklahoma. The high-end boutique firm typically designs future-proofed, classically rendered single-family residences, mostly inspired by the historical precedent of the home’s region.

Judging from Blumenfeld’s portfolio—not to mention Bullard’s interior shot posted on June 19—the newlywed’s marital home blends traditional and vernacular features with some bold strokes, like a curved second-story sleeping porch at the rear facing the lake and two outdoor living spaces that give the back of the house a grand symmetry. The house is positioned to optimize the big Southern sky and provide ample play space for Stefani’s three sons, like the pool overlooking the lake that Blume Architecture posted on its own Instagram page with the caption “Summer sunset at a special Ranch.”

The blend of two distinct architectural styles reflects this opposites-attract couple: a pair that’s a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.

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