Justin Bieber Shows Off His Tricked-Out New Tour Bus

Even though Justin Bieber has only performed virtually since the pandemic began, he still spent quite some time on his tour bus in the past year. He recently opened up to GQ about how he and his wife, Hailey, road-tripped from their property in Canada to their home in Los Angeles last year to abide by social-distancing guidelines.

For a journey that long, the “Peaches” singer made sure his home away from home was as cozy as possible. His bus features a faux fireplace, a bathroom with an infrared sauna, and a spacious bedroom that includes a massive bed. To make the space feel more personal, Bieber also put up artwork from his good friend Joseph Termini titled Cash Only.

When the Grammy Award–winning artist was on the road, he welcomed his dancers, backup singers, and more onto his tour bus, making it the ultimate collaborative space. His favorite memory was actually with his photographer Alfredo Flores and a famous Drake track. “One time, it was me, Alfredo, and another friend, and we made this music video,” Bieber said in the video with GQ. “It was really low quality, we made it on a flip cam or something and it was like a 10-hour bus ride and we made it to this Drake song called ‘Find Your Loving.’”

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Bieber then sang a line of the song, adding, “I don’t know if that’s what the song is called, but anyways, we were on the bus and we had strobe lights, not real strobe lights, we had flashlights and we just made this mockery music video and it was fun.”

Who knew so much creative energy could happen on the go? Bieber even revealed in the video that he has written songs on a tour bus in the past. He recalled that he wrote his song “Memphis” from his third studio album, Journals, while he was on a bus in Memphis, Tennessee. Fingers crossed he hits the road again soon and blesses us with more music.

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