Rihanna Buys Beverly Hills Mansion Next Door for $10 Million

Rihanna has picked up a shiny new new real estate investment. The singer turned business mogul just bought a Beverly Hills property for $10 million, Dirt reports. Her new space is apparently right next door to the mansion she purchased for $13.8 million only three months ago.

Let’s get into Rihanna’s latest buy first. The gated home was built in the 1930s and features a Tudor-style design alongside a lush green backyard. Wood beams are a defining factor of the home, and the amenity that pushes it over the top is the picture-perfect oversized swimming pool.

If you add up the two homes, Rihanna is the owner of an acre of land with more than 11,000 square feet of living space, two swimming pools, and street parking for at least 10 vehicles. Rihanna’s other home is actually quite different from her most recent acquisition. That has a contemporary look with white paint all around and boasts a luxurious open-air courtyard in the middle that’s equipped with a pool, a spa, and a firepit.

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With the drastic differences between the two homes, it’ll be interesting to see if she has plans to make them more cohesive—or perhaps it was their contrast that drew her to them? Either way, both are Hollywood gems for her real estate portfolio, which also includes a villa in Hollywood Hills, a mansion in her native country of Barbados, and more.

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