See Inside the Most Luxurious Travel Trailer to Date

With the trend in glamping and remote working intersecting with concerns about social distancing, luxury trailers have become the latest must-have for discerning travelers. Even Airstream has partnered with Pottery Barn on a chic camper. But the most luxe trailer has to be the new 2022 Pro-EV from California-based Living Vehicle, which offers compact mobile living without sacrificing luxury touches like a chef’s kitchen, spa-style shower, and even a washer/dryer. 

Husband-and-wife team Joanna and Matthew Hofmann launched Living Vehicle in 2017. Theirs is no assembly-line affair: Only 25 custom models are produced a year.

“People are becoming more wary of commercial air travel and vacationing in highly trafficked areas that require staying at hotels,” Joanna, who oversees sales and marketing, told AD. “Mobile living offers a unique and perfect alternative to traditional travel—the whole point is to be outdoors.” Matt, a licensed architect, brought his expert eye to the trailer’s design, which features an anodized aluminum frame that’s far more durable than that of most campers and ages more gracefully, with no peeling, chipping, or flaking.

The 2022 model further blends the indoors and outdoors with skylights, oversized windows, and an eight-foot sliding glass door. An automatic drop-down deck with enclosed patio is available at the push of a button for entertaining, yoga, or just relaxing.

An aerial view of the trailer shows the eco-friendly features of solar paneling.

Inside, approximately 232 square feet of interior space offers all the comforts of home, including a master bedroom with a fold-up queen-size bed that can easily convert into a home office or entertainment space with an optional 70-inch 4K HD home theater and Sonos surround sound.

The bathroom includes a spacious shower with rainfall showerhead and walnut finishes (with upgrades including an electric toilet with bidet attachment), while the kitchen sports a solar-powered refrigerator, removable cooking island, and a European-style three-burner oven. “Everything you would expect in a high-end New York apartment you can find inside Living Vehicle,” Matthew told Wallpaper. 

An island in the center of the kitchen makes hosting easier.

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